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The JPDS Team

JPDS Editorial Board

Meet the people behind the JPDS

The JPDS team is composed of board-certified dermatologists who play important roles in the Philippine Dermatological Society’s overall strategy to provide timely and relevant evidence-based information for our members and the scientific community.

The team will work to help the journal evolve to continue to meet the needs of practicing dermatologists.


Hester Lim Bueser, MD, FPDS

Deputy Editor

Czarina P. Chavez, DipClinRes, MD, FPDS

Associate Editors

Gisella U. Adasa, MD, FPDS, FPDSP-PDS

Terese Monette Aquino-Agas, MD, MClin Res, FPDS, FDSP-PDS

Jay-V James G. Barit, MD, DPDS

Elisa Rae Coo, MD, FPDS, FDSP-PDS

Josef Symon Concha, MD, DPDS

Tanya Perez-Chua, MD, FPDS, FDSP-PDS

Melanie Doria Ruiz, MD, FPDS

Lian C. Jamisola, MD, FPDS, APSV

Jennifer Lavina T. Ngo, MD-MBA, DPDS

Ana Aurelia M. Santos, MD, FPDS

Angeli Eloise E. Torres, MD, DPDS

Cybill Dianne C. Uy, MD, FPDS

Jonathan Nevin T. Yu, MD, FPDS, IFAAD

Editors Emeriti

Amelia M. Davies, MD, FPDS

Founding Editor (1992-1998)


Elizabeth Amelia V. Tianco, MD, FPDS

Founding Editor (1992-1994)


Ma. Lorna F. Frez, MD, FPDS (1995-1998)

Maria Luz G. Aquino, MD, FPDS (1999-2002)

Belen L. Dofitas, MD, FPDS (2003-2004)

Eileen Liesl A. Cubillan, MD, FPDS (2005-2006)

Ma. Lourdes Ann N. Idea, MD, FPDS (2007-2008)

Camille B. Angeles, MD, FPDS (2009-2011)

Maria Lourdes H. Palmero, MD, FPDS (2011-2012)

Cindy Jao-Tan, MD, FPDS (2013-2014)

Charissa Mia D. Salud – Gnilo, MD, FPDS (2015-2016)

Johannes Dayrit, MD,FPDS (2017-2020)

PDS Officers & Board of Directors

The past eight decades have been a witness to the growth of dermatological research in the Philippines, which was pioneered and nurtured by the Philippine Dermatological Society. The JPDS website is a testimony to the overwhelming commitment and willingness of the present officers and board of directors to tread new ground. Through the support of the PDS executive committee, the PDS through the online journal will be able to uphold its mission to be “recognized and respected authority in dermatology and skin health in our country”.


Cynthia P. Ciriaco-Tan, MD



Maria Jasmin J. Jamora, MD



Camille Berenguer- Angeles, MD



Antonio C. Sison, MD



Francisco D. Rivera IV, MD

Immediate Past President


Zharlah Gulmatico-Flores, MD

Claudine Rae Lagman-Javier, MD

Ma. Michellende Dolores G. Gatchalian, MD

Maria Cristina A. Puyat, MD

Maria Deanna S. Ramiscal, MD

Liza Marie Paz-Tan, MD

Mary Jane G. Uy, MD

Regional Chapters

Louella Fatima R. Ramos, MD

Northern Luzon


Melody L. Ong, MD

Central Luzon


Theresa T. Polintan, MD

Southern Luzon


Karen Lee P. Alabado-Laurel, MD

Southern Philippines